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About CJC

Central Johannesburg College (CJC) for Further Education and Training was born in September 2003 out of a merger of former technical colleges.  Upon the merger, the individual technical colleges were translated into the college’s four campuses.

CJC was born with the official declaration of Technical Colleges into Further Education and Training Colleges, by the then Minister of Education, Professor Kader Asmal.  This declaration followed as a result of a national strategy to restructure the educational landscape of South Africa, to provide improved access to a more diverse learner population.  The ultimate aim is to create a FET sector that will directly impact on the transformation of a society in terms of relevant education that will uplift the economy through active entrepreneurial training and the preparation of learners for the world of work.


It is a public Further Education and Training College that offers a wide range of qualifications, from NQF Level 2 to NQF Level 4 – from National Technical Education (Nated) programmes to the new and exciting National Certificate Vocational [NC(V)] to Skills courses and Learnerships.  There are over fifty-six full time study opportunities, in five Schools, from which a student can choose.  Prospective students also have an opportunity to study on a part time basis in some of these programmes.  CJC is playing a meaningful and active role in the education of young people, the unemployed and the employed youth, thus making a valuable contribution to the socio-economic goals of the Gauteng province in particular, and South Africa in general.


Stability, growth and unity are the key concepts behind our corporate brand.  The image of the new logo reflects a dynamic, UNIFIED and responsive culture.  The shield represents our academic traditions and symbolises protection, strength and stability. The four parts of the flame represent the four merged colleges unified in a single flame of enlightenment and leadership. The flame signifies leadership and guidance, illuminating and enlightening students.  The sun, the true symbol of South Africa, symbolises hope, growth, life and warmth.  The national palette represents diversity and unity through colour.  Our logo unites the four colleges under a single image and lights the dawn to a new era promising success, growth, quality, prosperity and excellence.